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Mindset: The Next Frontier

At Sporting Edge, we believe that mindset determines results. When we have a winning mindset, our behaviour, results and reputation are transformed. Surrounding yourself with inspirational thinking strategies delivers lasting change — that’s our focus.

Organisational mindset change

Learn from the Best

Our psychological research is unique. We take you Inside the Mind of Champions® to discover the real life success stories of high achievers in elite sport, business, neuroscience, the military and performing arts. From leadership and communication to resilience and handling pressure, their high performance strategies will fast track your success.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard

Football Manager
Talent Management
Dave Brailsford

Dave Brailsford

Manager, Team Ineos Cycling
Sustaining Success
Tammy Erickson

Professor Tammy Erickson

London Business School
Future Leadership
Lucy Giles

Lucy Giles

Lt Colonel, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Resilient Leadership
Ahmed Kathrada

Ahmed Kathrada

Anti-Apartheid Activist
Personal Resilience
Bernard Petiot

Bernard Petiot

Performance Director, Cirque du Soleil
Harnessing Diversity
May Busch

May Busch

Former COO, Morgan Stanley
Leadership Impact
Paul McGinley

Paul McGinley

Ryder Cup Winning Golf Captain
Team Culture
Gro Sandal

Professor Gro Sandal

Professor of Psychology, Bergen University
Managing Conflict
Shane Warne

Shane Warne

Former International Cricketer
Managing Mavericks
Lisa Akesson

Lisa Akesson

RADA Communication Coach
Dehra Harris

Dr Dehra Harris

Washington University School of Medicine
Decision Making
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800+ Micro Lessons – Transformational Impact

With our time and attention under siege, having access to relevant bite-sized performance insights can be a game changer. Our exclusive library of two-minute micro-lessons can be blended into events and digital learning solutions to unlock improved performance across your business.

How do teams keep on winning?

Frank Lampard
Football Manager

Motivation & Engagement

How important is diversity?

Bernard Petiot
Vice-President — Cirque du Soleil


How should I lead change?

May Busch
Former COO, Morgan Stanley


Who can I learn the most from?

Sir Mo Farah
Champion Athlete

Personal Drive

How can I lead through uncertainty?

Mark Spelman
Strategy Expert — World Economic Forum


Is sleep important for my success?

Dr Tara Swart
Champion Athlete


How are expert brains created?

Professor Vin Walsh
Professor of Human Brain Research, UCL


Our Process

Our innovative process identifies your specific business challenges and delivers measurable results.


Each organisation has its own unique culture and priorities. Working in partnership with you, we’ll identify the psychological barriers to achieving your goals.


Once we’ve understood the challenges, we’ll create a bespoke learning programme or content solution whether it’s for individuals, leaders or teams.


We provide a choice of delivery options from conference keynote speeches and workshops to digital learning content and coaching programmes.


We deliver impact and can quantify our results with digital platform analytics, personal diagnostics and organisational surveys.

Focused Learning Framework

Are you looking to inspire your people, develop your leaders or build high performing teams? Sporting Edge’s unique research has created three focused learning toolkits for you to choose from.

Personal Mindset Performance Development

Learn how to deliver your personal best in challenging times. Explore and develop the six essential components of individual performance. Gain insights from Olympic champions, neuroscientists and performance experts.


Personal Drive Confidence Focus Resilience Energy Management Performing Under Pressure

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Leadership mindset coaching

Maximise your leadership impact by developing key areas of your leadership such as personal impact, communication and decision making. Learn strategies from the world's top coaches, communication experts and military leaders.


Personal Impact Direction and Purpose Communication Decision Making Leading Change Coaching

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Team Mindset Development

Learn how to build stronger and more agile teams. Become slicker, more aligned and more efficient by learning the methods and strategies of elite teams such as Team Sky, South Africa Cricket, England Football, The All Blacks and F1 teams.


Roles & Goals Motivation & Engagement Trust & Conflict Managing Mavericks Innovation Inclusion & Collaboration

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We understand what each key stakeholder in your business needs to make a project successful and we work with you to deliver the required impact and results.


We respect the opportunity to work with your teams. Our central learning team will work with you to ensure our solution is perfectly aligned to your outcomes, budget and culture.

Senior Leaders & Executives

We pride ourselves in hitting the mark first time. We understand the mindset and ambitions of senior leaders and will work with you to reinforce your strategic priorities for the months ahead.

Internal Comms

Communication is central to any culture change or transformation initiative. With a vast library of digital insights across 83 performance themes, we’ll curate the perfect messages to keep your audience on engaged and on track.

IT & Digital Learning

Like a goalkeeper, technology only comes into focus when there’s a problem. Our digital team will ensure a seamless integration into your intranet, LMS or HR platforms and a high quality user experience across all their devices.

Mundipharma transformation case study

“I regard Sporting Edge as one of the key ingredients in our successful transformation in the last few years. They are all about impact and I recommend them to anyone looking for a partner to support their efforts in change and transformation.”

Alberto Martinez
President & CEO, Mundipharma