Live Webinars

Whether you’re looking to inspire a sales team or provide new skills to leaders, a Sporting Edge webinar will give your audience a powerful shared learning experience.

High Performance Q+A Session

The Details

Hosted by experts in performance psychology and featuring our research from ‘Inside the Mind of Champions’, our webinars provide the perfect blend of theory, debate, interaction and tips. You can integrate a webinar into a wider programme, host as a standalone event or use it to raise engagement before one of our digital coaching programmes.

Popular webinar topics include:

The Winning Mindset
Develop your confidence, focus, wellbeing and resilience.
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The Winning Mindset for Leaders
Game changing strategies to boost your leadership impact.
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The Winning Mindset for Teams
Learn how some of the world’s best teams create build and sustain their success.
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Key Benefits

  1. Powerful way to engage a global team
  2. Webinar theme and topic tailored to your business
  3. Blend of theory, real-life insights and expert performance tips

"The Sporting Edge webinar was inspirational and kept the momentum in our leadership journey."

Emily Marsh, Viiv Healthcare