Q+A Sessions

Bring your event to life with an informal Q+A session with a celebrity guest or thought leader. These sessions are the perfect way to reinforce your core message in an authentic and entertaining way.

High Performance Q+A Session

The Format

Every aspect of Q+A sessions can be tailored to fit with your event or existing agenda.

Business Q and A Session

Celebrity Guests and Sports Personalities

A well-known celebrity guest or personality is a sure-fire way to captivate and inspire your delegates. We can source a guest of your choice or suggest an individual or group from our diverse network of Olympic athletes, sports stars and world-class coaches from international rugby, football and cricket. Crucially, we don't simply engage people because they are famous; instead we select people who can provide genuine insight into particular subject matters.

If you prefer a session with less focus on sport, we can invite thought leaders from neuroscience, the military or the performing arts.

Business Q and A Session

Tailored Topics and Session Format

The topic or focus of the session can be completely tailored to your overarching event theme or corporate message. Prior to your event we will work with you to ensure the format and focus is in line with your preference.

We can also tailor the format and timings. Usually the sessions are between 30-90 minutes.

Business Q and A Session

Expert Presenters

Our presenters are expert hosts with many years of experience interviewing on stage, in front of camera and on radio to global audiences. They will ensure they bring out the best in the session whilst linking everything to the overall event theme.

"Sporting Edge delivered a very thought provoking keynote speech to our senior team, demonstrating the powerful shared mindset between sporting and corporate athletes. A fantastic finale to our global seminar."

Michael Cohen - Head of Coverage and Investment Banking, Société Générale