Programmes & Consultancy

Our creative approach to performance and behaviour change allows us to design and deliver flexible programmes and partnerships to match your organisational needs.

Business Leadership Programmes

Corporate Programmes

Our learning & development programmes are designed to give your organisation ongoing support through periods of change or challenge. Programmes usually run for 6, 12 or 18 months and incorporate a blend of keynote speeches, digital learning, senior level workshops, executive coaching sessions and activities to cascade this impact across your business.

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High elite sport programmes

Sport Programmes

Our business was founded in elite sport. We understand the pressure, the culture and the mindset needed to win and that’s why we’re a trusted partner to many of the world’s most successful sports clubs and organisations.

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High performance business keynotes

Education Programmes

Sporting Edge is passionate about helping young people to achieve their potential. Having conducted groundbreaking research into the psychology of success in schools, we have developed The Winning Mindset Toolkit for students, teachers and parents.

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