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Sporting Edge's Founder Jeremy Snape explains the 6 key factors needed to boost mental wellbeing and resilience.

Sporting Edge has spent the last decade interviewing some of the world's most successful leaders in elite sport, performing arts, academia and business. These inspiring insights will equip you with:

  1. An understanding of the pressures and anxieties over 450 entrepreneurs, sports coaches and executives face
  2. An opportunity to reflect on your habits and choices
  3. Six practical strategies to maximise your mental wellbeing and resilience in your work and life
  4. An invitation to join our Winning Mindset Programme - a transformational 30-day programme featuring a wide range of world famous sports stars and performance experts

This webinar is part of Sporting Edge’s free webinar series to support leaders in our client network during this challenging time. For access to more inspirational content like this you can subscribe to Jeremy’s Podcast.

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