Resilience and Wellbeing Collection sample insights

To help maintain awareness and promote mental health conversations across your business, Sporting Edge has created the ‘Resilience and Wellbeing Collection’. This curated collection from our digital Performance Zone® features some of the world’s most respected experts from sport, academia, performing arts and the military who share what it takes to achieve success.

Insight:  Dr Dorian Dugmore - Cardiovascular health and corporate wellness expert

The impact of poor choices multiplies

Dorian Dugmore describes the downward spiral of choices connected with your health and well-being throughout a typical day. These often lead to a lack of quality sleep that reduces your ability to repair and recover.

Insight: Dr Dehra Harris - Medical Director and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Managing emotions in stressful situations

Dehra Harris talks about how our typical response to stressful situations stops the brain functioning in a rational way, and gets in the way of effective communication and decision making.

Insight: Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE -GB and England Hockey Captain and Olympic gold medalist

Processing past mistakes

Kate Richardson-Walsh speaks about her strategy for processing and learning from mistakes.



All these expert insights were taken from our Performance Zone® which features over 750 micro lessons from over 100 expert contributors and across 80 topics.


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