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Episode 43

Fear: Trick or Treat?

"Fear offers a data point and poses a question - our brain is saying ‘this seems important, do you want to continue or freeze?’"

Fear can be an intensely debilitating emotion. It’s a response to perceiving or recognising a danger or threat – and we’re all get affected by it. In this episode, I invite you to reflect over your belief systems and common fear triggers. Once we can reduce the noise, we’re no longer limited by this emotion – but empowered to move on forward.

Find out from neuroscientist John Coates about the three primary drivers of stress. Former professional British tennis player Annabel Croft, Clinical Psychologist Jamie Shelton and psychiatrist Dehra Harris share their insights on panic attacks and breaking the chain of fear. Performance Psychologist Paddy Steinfort also shares a fascinating objective view of what fear represents.

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