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Episode 36

England Football - Euro Reflections

"England’s mindset after the penalty heartbreak will be the key to their success in the World Cup."

There’s no doubt that sport brings people together. But after the Euro 2020 final, it was disheartening to see the online racist abuse by some individuals after England lost in the penalty shoot out. After the game, I reflected on how the England team handled this backlash and how their leadership and culture is a great metaphor for how we can lead our own teams.

In this episode Gareth Southgate shares his own story of how he recovered from his missed penalty in Euro 96. We also hear from Head of Women’s football at the FA Baroness Sue Campbell, performance coach Owen Eastwood, and business psychologist Jo Kandola. We explore togetherness, the power of storytelling, the Māori ‘Whakapapa’ philosophy, and making time to reflect from setbacks and successes.

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'Belonging' by Owen Eastwood
Episode 33 - Mastermind: Gareth Southgate

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