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Episode 34

Purpose and Performance

"Purpose becomes potent when it is translated from an emotional promise to a tangible set of behaviours."

We hear the word ‘Purpose’ a lot, and its intangible nature makes it tricky to apply in a practical way throughout an organisation. Today I explore what you can do to identify your ‘why’ – and stay true to it for the long-term.

Learn how to translate purpose into real-life stories, from the likes of best selling author James Kerr and Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School Tammy Erickson. Strategic Advisor Mike Barry and VP of Cirque Du Soleil Bernard Petoit discuss the customer’s mindset and being aligned with your audience. 4-time Olympic gold winner Sir Matthew Pinsent reveals the questions to ask yourself.

With the rise of purpose-driven organisations, having a sharp focus on something that extends beyond individual ego is a priority. It’s a promise to our communities, environment and future societies.

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