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Episode 31

Mental Health — Naturally

"We need to rethink our framing of Mental Health — most of the headlines are about clinical ill-health."

Today we reflect over what we mean by mental health and wellbeing – and how nature plays such an integral role in sustaining a healthy mind and body. Mental health is not just about clinical issues, but about striving to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Taking in some questions from listeners, I delve into the Sporting Edge Members Library to unpack what we need to thrive. Tune in to hear more about being vulnerable as leaders, having check-points with your team members, how exercise alters our brain chemistry – and going for a ‘jalk’.

Learn from rugby union coach Stuart Lancaster and clinical and performance psychologist Jonathan Fader about taking breaks in nature and not being overly outcome-focussed. Professional ballerina Victoria Marr and emotional intelligence expert Martyn Newman share how having choices enables us to move forward. We also hear how Olympic hockey gold medallist Helen Richardson-Walsh dealt with a low period in her life, which I’m sure we can all relate to on some level.

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Books/resources mentioned:
LinkedIn video: Going for a ‘Jalk’
Webinar: Mental Wellbeing & Resilience

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