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Episode 27

Mastermind: Rasmus Ankersen

"The world’s talent ‘gold mines’ share common social characteristics that make hard work — easier."

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker and a trusted advisor to businesses around the world, Rasmus Ankersen is an expert on performance development. In today’s episode, I dive deep into his insights in spotting and nurturing talent.

Tune in to learn more about how talent ‘Gold Mines’ start and the role of luck, passion and motivation converting potential into career success. Let’s not forget that we’re all running our own race, and that having a strong team and network around us has a profound impact on our performance. So let’s review the high performance environment we are setting ourselves and those around us.

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Books & Resources mentioned:
The Gold Mine Effect by Rasmus Ankersen
Outliners by Malcolm Gladwell
Episode 18 - Motivation: Mind the GAPS

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