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Episode 24

Coaching Dilemmas

"Before people tune into how much you know, they are working out how much you care."

Coaching is not an easy job. From my own playing career, I know that it takes a careful balance of support and challenge to help people to make progress. Today I delve into Sporting Edge’s Member’s Club video library and find insights to help deconstruct what makes a great coach, and how they overcome common dilemmas which accompany this crucial role.

We’ll hear from internationally renowned dance coach Risa Steinberg and Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams as they reflect on the what it takes to become an outstanding coach. We also gain the perspectives from athletics coach Charles van Commenee and South African cricket coach Gary Kirsten about building trusted relationships with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar. Former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker gives us a snapshot of his work with Novak Djokovic and British Olympian Sir Matthew Pinsent shares a magical story which led to a fifth gold medal performance for Sir Steve Redgrave.

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