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Episode 22

Pandemental 2020

"After a brutal 2020 it’s time to reflect on our resilience and re-energise to attack 2021."

It’s been a tiring and challenging year to say the least, but the pressures throughout 2020 have allowed many of us to pivot. In this episode, I explore the psychological lessons that have helped us to overcome periods of adversity and make big decisions for our work or personal lives.

As I search through the Sporting Edge Members Library, I uncover what Brentford FC Co-Director of Football Rasmus Ankersen and former professional British tennis player Annabel Croft have to say about adapting and self-talk. We also explore how to embrace our mistakes with emotional intelligence expert Dr Martyn Newman and jazz musician and orchestra conductor Dominic Alldis. We also learn from Psychiatrist Dr. Dehra Harris about the importance of prioritising our downtime.

It’s time to reflect on the lessons from this year and re-energise to tackle whatever 2021 has to throw at us.

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