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Episode 11

Breaking Bias

"George Floyd’s death has sparked angry protests around the world. We all have a role to play in breaking the bias and stereotypes which prevent us from creating a tolerant and inclusive society."

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, it’s no surprise there’s been a global reaction of protests after three months of lockdown. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests will force our Governments to foster a more inclusive society but we all need to take individual responsibility if we are to achieve true change.

Delving into Sporting Edge’s Digital Performance Zone library, hear what Dr Jo Kandola and Professor Binna Kandola have learnt about recognising and changing our bias. Learn more from Colonel Lucy Giles and the London Olympic and Paralympic Games’ Head of Diversity Stephen Frost. We’re certainly not computer chips that can be erased and reprogrammed, but we need to become more courageous and open-minded if we are to drastically reduce discrimination in our teams, communities and organisations.

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Books and resources mentioned:
‘Racism at Work: The Danger of Indifference’ by Binna Kandola
Episode 8: From Mandela To Mars
‘The Inclusion Imperative’ by Stephen Frost
The Harvard Implicit Test

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