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Episode 9

Leadership After The Lockdown

"The future is not only uncertain but unknowable so we need to have to have an open mind and a fluid strategy to be successful after lockdown."

As we’re entering the next phase of reintegration, leaders are facing a whole set of new challenges and opportunities. Jeremy showcases insights from The Winning Mindset for Leaders Programme to show how we can manage our own mindset and get comfortable with uncertainty.

Hear how the All Blacks handle expectation, from leaders like Baroness Sue Campbell and England Rugby Coach Eddie Jones. We also uncover key leadership insights from Brentford FC’s Director of Football Rasmus Ankersen, UCL’s Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock and Tammy Erickson from London Business School. The world is full of new leadership challenges so let’s keep learning together and commit 100%. Join the Winning Mindset for Leaders Programme here