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Episode 6

Special Edition: The Great Pause

"Never before has the world come to a complete standstill. The ‘Great Pause’ offers us a once in a lifetime opportunity to emerge stronger, healthier and more focused on what really matters."

With the deadly Covid-19 virus spreading like wildfire across the globe, we are all experiencing unprecedented uncertainty. This special episode comes from a webinar Jeremy hosted with his Sporting Edge community of sports and business leaders, where he reflects on key insights and strategies from wellbeing, health, sleep and psychology experts. We’re all in the same boat, so this “Great Pause” provides a unique opportunity in our lives. It’s time to reflect, re-energise, reconnect with family and friends and so much more.

Hear high performance strategies from the likes of Frank Lampard, Gareth Southgate, futurist James Wallman, and sleep expert Anna West. The Great Pause offers you a once in a lifetime change to come out stronger on the other side.