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School for CEOs partnered with Sporting Edge to enable access to their digital library of over 800 insights from leading businessmen and women, sports people, neuroscientists and others with a track record of exceptional performance.  Complementing the School for CEOs practitioner-led approach, this resource is hugely valuable and accessible for leaders of organisations and teams to help accelerate their own performance.


The following videos are typical samples of some of the insights you can find in the Members Club library:

Creating a Resilient Brain

Neuroscientist Tara Swart talks about resilience and how re-framing can help develop this essential characteristic.

Creating and Inclusive Culture

Author and team culture expert Owen Eastwood discusses how to develop an inclusive culture with diverse team members – a critical facet in the modern world.

Timing of Feedback

Dr Cristina Fink stresses the importance of timing when giving feedback – the ‘how’ being every bit as important, if not more important, than the ‘what’ of the feedback itself.

To access the site for a free month of membership, use the code CEO21 and you will be able to search the rich database of content at your leisure as well as receiving weekly microlessons, hand-picked for you by Jeremy Snape, founder of Sporting Edge.  This is a resource you cannot afford to be without!


David Sole OBE
Managing Partner

School for CEOs