Understanding our mindset is the next frontier — discover how champions harness their mindset to deliver outstanding personal and professional goals.

Develop The Winning Mindset

Whether you are in business or sport, your mindset will determine whether you win or lose. The Winning Mindset learning framework allows you to discover how champions control and manage their mindset to remain focused and confident, even under pressure. You'll gain exclusive insights and tips from Olympic athletes, elite sports players, neuroscientists and performance experts.

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Featured Insights

Sir AP McCoy

Champion Jockey

Do you recover from setbacks fast enough?

Professor Vin Walsh

Professor of Human Brain Research, UCL

How are expert brains created?

Anna Richards

Former New Zealand Rugby Union Player

How do champions recover from setbacks?

Topics + Focus

This toolkit focuses on developing the six essential components of our Winning Mindset research enabling people to deliver their personal best.
Winning Mindset

Personal Drive

How to set and achieve ambitious personal goals.


How to maximise your impact and productivity.


How to build and retain unshakable self-belief in your abilities.

Performing Under Pressure

How to deliver your best game, even under immense pressure.

Learning Mindset

How to constantly improve from both success and setbacks.

Energy Management

How to manage your energy and enhance your wellbeing to sustain your success.

Perfect For:

Energising Teams

Energising sales teams to achieve ambitious goals

Inspiring Staff

Inspiring staff who’ve had a challenging time of disruption or uncertainty

Planning For Future Opportunities

Graduates needing to be courageous and take advantage of future opportunities

Supporting Employees

Supporting employees who are being made redundant or making career transitions

Ladbrokes Coral case study

Case Study:
Ladbrokes Coral Winning Mindset Development

Learn how we helped Ladbrokes Coral equipped their staff with the mindset and behaviours that would allow them to excel — in the short term by taking control of their learning and in the longer term having the confidence and capability to deliver sustained success.

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