Case Study — Performance Development Programme


“Sporting Edge totally understood what our objective was. From the design of the event to the tone of the evening, they got it right first time. The feedback from the evening has been excellent. Michael’s interview with Eni was a great success.”

Louisa Woods — Head of Diversity & Learning, Nomura

Nomura Q+A session with Eni Aluko

The Challenge

Nomura is a global investment bank with a unique proposition of linking markets from East to West. As a respected and ambitious business in the financial services sector, Nomura sees leadership as a key driver of their success.

Nomura were looking for a performance partner who had the ability and credibility to engage senior leaders and to create inspirational tools and techniques that various leaders and managers throughout the business could deliver. With several global offices, the training solutions needed to not only bring together different time zones but also allow leaders and managers to access inspirational content on demand.

The Solution

Sporting Edge specialise in creating tailored events backed up by a world class library of high performance insights. The starting point to gain awareness and the inspiration for leaders across the business was a high impact keynote speech called ‘The Winning Mindset for Leaders’ which was streamed from London to their global offices in the US, Europe and Japan.

From this initial session, a cascade pack of insights and techniques was created so that leaders could reflect on the key points and share them with their own local teams. The Sporting Edge Performance Zone® was central to the solution as it allowed us to provide high impact development insights direct to this senior group – wherever and whenever they needed them.

Following the success of this initial group, Nomura extended their licensed access to a wider cohort of managers. To support and embed behaviour change we also worked with the Nomura HR and Talent team to design and distribute targeted internal communications which focused on the central performance drivers within the business. With short video insights bringing these communications to life, we saw significant increases in the open rates and newsletter engagement.

Following these initial interventions, Sporting Edge has created a number of short ‘Evening with…’ events where one of our sport psychologists hosts a Q+A session with a famous sporting leader. A recent event in this format saw Chelsea and England women’s football star Eni Aluko launching a women’s leadership event.

The Result

Michael’s ability to translate Eni’s career experiences in to tangible strategies that could be used across the business, showed real skill.  Nomura now have some fresh language and concepts to challenge themselves and each other, in order to drive high performance in the year ahead.