Mako Trading

Case Study — Executive Coaching Programme

Mako Trading

“I can recommend the impact that Sporting Edge can have for businesses working in past paced and high pressure markets. Their insights and executive coaching hold powerful lessons for anyone looking for deliver their best performance.”

Chris Welsh — Group CEO, Mako Trading


The Challenge

Mako Global Trading is a market maker on exchange-traded listed options, specialising in fixed income, equity, commodity and foreign exchange markets and derivatives. As a highly successful and agile organisation, Mako has an excellent reputation for high performance. The global economic volatility has placed pressure on most financial institutions and Mako was keen to take a proactive approach to support, develop and retain their top talent.

The Solution

In order to stay ahead of their competition, Mako have secured the services of Sporting Edge to provide high performance insights and executive coaching to the management team and traders. Regular two day coaching interventions were planned combining three styles of delivery:

  1. Informal ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions featuring the latest insights from thought leaders in sport
  2. A series of structured executive coaching sessions with business leaders and traders
  3. An ‘open’ period where traders could drop in for ideas and confidential support

The Result

The balance of these sessions allowed people to consider how the key messages from the lunchtime sessions related to them and then discuss them on a confidential one-to-one basis during one of the coaching slots. Sporting Edge has vast experience of working in highly pressurised competitive environments. The parallels of statistical transparency and teamwork between the sporting and financial sector allow powerful coaching impacts to be made.