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Case Study — High Performing Teams

Team Development Programme

“I would recommend Sporting Edge and The Winning Mindset to all my colleagues. It's probably one of the best things I've ever done.”

Ian Blue — Regional Manager, Ladbrokes Coral Group

Ladbrokes Coral high performance programme

The Challenge

Our clients in the gaming industry recognised that the significant disruption in their sector would mean the retention and development of their talent was a priority. They were keen that the community who had been identified as high potential through their performance and talent processes were supported and challenged to realise their potential and recognised that this would be through a blended series of solutions and asked Sporting Edge to work with them on a solution.

The Solution

The programme would comprise a number of phases but at its core was the desire to equip this critical community with the mindset and behaviours that would allow them to excel – in the short term by taking control of their learning and in the longer term having the confidence and capability to deliver sustained success. Therefore the initial phase of the programme used our digital coaching programme ‘The Winning Mindset’ that addresses the six core attributes that underpin resilient performance, irrespective of their current or future role. This allowed them to individually explore their strengths and address their development areas whilst also come together with their colleagues to share their learning.

The Result

Many longer-term development programmes fail to realise the expected benefits as they focus on skill and knowledge and don’t empower participants with the mindset and behaviours to drive improvement and enable their learning and success. Many of the delegates described the experience as life changing and described three or more practical changes they had made and how they had rapidly improved their personal and business effectiveness. They all cited this initial element as being the single largest factor in enabling them to get the most from the subsequent phases of the development programme we created and facilitated for the team.