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Case Study — Keynote & Q+A Session

Incisive Media keynote event

“Sporting Edge are thought leaders in performance and their insights from elite sport offer powerful lessons for any ambitious business.”

Tim Weller — CEO, Incisive Media

Incisive Media

The Challenge

Incisive Media is one of the world's leading business-to-business information providers, serving the financial and professional services markets globally. Incisive bring product provider and purchaser business communities together using creative and innovative publishing platforms. Operating in such a dynamic and fast paced industry calls for the leadership team at Incisive Media to be agile and focussed at all times.

The Solution

Sporting Edge was commissioned to design and deliver a keynote for the Incisive Media Annual Sales Conference with key messages for the executives operating in this high pressure market.

Jeremy Snape delivered the keynote which focussed on the winning mindset of elite athletes and coaches. Highlighting the way peak performers break down their long term goals and stay focussed under pressure. Given the current volatility in the sales environment, a key element of the presentation was to provide practical tips on resilience and focus for sales managers to cascade to their teams.

Following the keynote, Jeremy joined a Q+A panel including the Chairman and CEO to take questions from the delegates. Here Jeremy was able to link back to his work with elite athletes and coaches to further embed the messages of high performance.

The Result

Jeremy targeted the key messages perfectly and this helped to create a mindset shift across the sales team.  The fact that people were still using the same language and phrases several weeks after the conference, shows how these key strategies and stories resonated. Incisive Media are now looking for opportunities to engage Jeremy and Sporting Edge to speak at their future signature client events.

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