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“Sporting Edge has a unique way of translating the secrets of high performance into everyday tools and techniques. This inspirational approach is a great way to engage people in learning and the Performance Zone library is a truly excellent resource.”

Dominic Shellard — Vice Chancellor, DeMontfort University

DMU keynote event Sporting Edge keynote speaker Jeremy Snape

The Challenge

De Montfort University (DMU) is a public research and teaching university based in the culturally diverse city of Leicester. In 2008, 70% of the university's research was deemed 'world leading' (40%), or 'internationally excellent' (30%) in the United Kingdom Research Assessment Exercise. The university ranked 54th in the Times University rankings for 2015.

Vice Chancellor Dominic Shellard has made a significant impact on DMU since taking his post in 2010. The University has great ambition to be a high performing organisation and is looking to bring external specialists in to share their expertise. Sport, culture and technology are key drivers for the university students and Sporting Edge have been selected to partner with the University for a number of key projects.

The Solution

Sporting Edge were commissioned to design and deliver a series of inspirational workshops for the university sports teams. These focused on themes such as the winning mindset, performing under pressure, inspirational coaching and high performing teams. Delegates watched exclusive interview insights from Sporting Edge’s Performance Zone® library such as Mo Farah talking about determination, Sir Dave Brailsford talking about goal setting and Amy Williams talking about the importance of feedback.

These sessions set the tone for DMU’s sporting clubs who left the interactive workshops with action plans of how to deliver these gold medal insights into their own sporting teams.

Like most organisations in higher education, DMU has experienced significant change over the last five years and Sporting Edge have been engaged to design and deliver a series of interventions which allow the faculty leaders and academic staff to debate key issues and create positive action plans for the next period of growth.

The Result

By working closely with the university’s Organisational Development team, Sporting Edge has gained a clear understanding of the behaviours and mindset needed to deliver high performance at each stage. By showcasing how elite sporting teams or leaders in the performing arts deliver success in these same situations, DMU leaders have gained a fresh perspective on what is needed.

By following these large events up with small action learning sets and coaching groups, Sporting Edge have been able to cascade down from inspiration through to tactical changes at the department level.

Services Provided:

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